Eight Techniques for Email Marketing

The modern business world is intertwined with technology. Digital marketing and techniques used for content virality are constantly evolving. Among the marketing solutions in the digital world, email marketing is recognized as one of the effective actions to increase sales and profitability. In this article, we intend to highlight 8 effective techniques used for success in email marketing projects.

Email Marketing Techniques

It has often happened that while checking your emails, you encounter promotional emails offering a specific product or service with special conditions. These emails may have been sent to you due to your membership in specific stores, your experience with various products and services, or even entirely randomly. Your level of attention and response to promotional emails largely depends on the techniques considered in the design and sending of emails. In the following, we will examine these techniques

1. Personalize Email Content for Different Audiences: Research shows that 70% of brands have yet to succeed in customizing and providing content relevant to different individuals. Sending the same content to people with different tastes and preferences won’t yield significant feedback and results. To achieve desirable results, identify your target audience and customize email content according to the needs and desires of each segment.

2. Choose an Appropriate Email Subject: Studies have shown that selected email subjects in email marketing, if longer than 70 characters, won’t lead to significant feedback and clicks. In addition to paying attention to engaging and relevant content for the audience, make sure that the email subject is neither too long nor too short. Very short titles may not properly convey the intended subject to the recipient, while very long ones may exceed the recipient’s patience.

3. Consider the Right Timing for Email Sending: Timing is a crucial aspect of email marketing. The time your recipients receive your emails significantly affects feedback and the increase in profits from email marketing. Research has shown that sending emails between 10 and 11 am on holidays has a high conversion rate. However, this timing may not yield the same results for all businesses. Depending on the type of content, your competitive strategies, and the recipients of the emails, this timing may vary.

4. Emphasize Engaging Language and Content: When your recipient opens the email, the appropriate tone and attractiveness of your message’s content significantly impact their response. Using customized content relevant to the target audience and a storytelling tone encourages the recipient to continue reading and clicking on the email links.

5. Ensure Visually Appealing Emails: Using attractive images increases recipient engagement with your message and desired content. A suitable combination of content and images allows you to enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing project.

6. Ensure Compatibility with Mobile Versions: Many users check their emails on mobile phones. When designing emails, consider tablet and mobile versions in addition to web versions to increase recipient engagement.

7. Identify Inactive Recipients: Not all individuals who receive emails in email marketing respond to them. By identifying these inactive recipients and discovering the reasons for their lack of response, you will find insights and perspectives helpful in addressing weaknesses and executing successful email marketing.

8. Consider a Logical Flow and Appropriate Number of Emails: Manage the number of emails sent to your recipients in a way that, while saving costs, also achieves your project goals. Excessive advertising emails may overwhelm the recipient. On the other hand, a very small number of emails may not provide enough feedback. Over time, better insights about such decisions will be provided through analyzing information and results related to email marketing projects, making strategic and marketing decisions easier for business leaders.

Email marketing is one of the effective solutions in digital advertising and marketing. It aims to target the right audience and can lead to increased sales and profitability. Over time, the analysis of data and results related to email marketing projects makes decision-making regarding competitive strategies and marketing techniques easier for business leaders.

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